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Lexani Motorcars is proud to announce the debut of the G-77: Sky Master, a world's first hyper-luxury transporter conversion built on the Ford F-550 chassis.

This awe-inspiring 33 ft. mobile unit, outfitted with our world-class artisans' renowned craftsmanship and state-of-the-art electronic appointments, is a rolling mosaic of utility, opulence, and comfort, at a level never before witnessed in a transporter. It's the ideal environment whether it's for daily business purposes, busy productions, or for tranquil relaxation while traveling.

With a blend of cutting-edge electronic technology, supple European leather seating, stunning wood amenities, a private office, 24k gold-plating, and restroom, the G-77 Sky Master is sure to be a welcome addition to any executive's commute, or set.

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Lexani Motorcars is a boutique custom luxury vehicle conversion company in California, USA. For the Lexani brand, the expansion from custom automotive accessories into custom luxury interiors was a natural one. The intention behind the launch of Lexani Motorcars was to carry the prestige of the Lexani brand to the custom luxury automotive market with unparalleled design, innovation, and quality. Since its inception, Lexani Motorcars has exceeded every expectation, providing custom luxury vehicles for professional athletes, Hollywood elite, and heads of state around the world.

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The possibilities are endless with custom luxury interior upgrades for automobiles. At Lexani Motorcars our mission is to provide the most functional, luxurious, and elegant travel experience possible. The unanimously positive response we have received, demonstrates clearly that we have succeeded.

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The interior of our one-of-a-kind vehicles has captured the attention and awe of luxury enthusiasts around the world, standing out from the rest by displaying a rare combination of protection and elegance. Lexani Motorcars’ armored luxury vehicle interiors have required everyone to rethink what is possible in armored transportation.

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